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Chef Rosanna Di Michele

When she’s in the kitchen, Rosanna Di Michele is first and foremost a real Italian woman, even before being a chef. Growing up in Vasto, a city in Italy on Abruzzo’s coast, she used to help her parents with their family-owned pizzeria. Today, she is happily married and a mother of two beautiful girls. Her husband shares her same passion for food and is arguably her best advisor both in and out of the kitchen.

Rosanna’s home region presents the best ingredients that the Earth has to offer from the sea to the countryside to the mountains. This is why the cuisine is so varied and changes throughout the seasons.

A result of both her love of cooking and her homeland, Rosanna has always promoted Abruzzese culinary traditions and Abruzzese products.

We’re always delighted to remember that thanks to its pure spring water, Abruzzo produces the best pasta in the world. In fact, this is Rosanna’s favorite meal. Her recipes respect the ingredients and traditions, but they also look to be innovative. She prepares them with the same personality of a home cook. Actually, Rosanna has you eating as if you were at home. Her dishes create an atmosphere that welcomes you into an Italian family, and more specifically into Rosanna’s family.

"Everything you see I owe to pasta."

Sophia Loren

After years of working all over Italy and sharing her passion for food, especially Abruzzese cuisine, Rosanna found a place in New York to call her own—the restaurant Donna Margherita located on the Upper East Side.

Safe to say, you immediately feel at home here. This is what Rosanna is betting on, and she’s in it to win. You’ll be able to taste ancient recipes that were handed down from generation to generation, not taught in school. You’ll also taste recipes that stay true to traditions but simultaneously pull inspiration from contemporary cuisine.

Rosanna is like a mom, and everybody knows that mom’s cooking is always the best. What are we eating today, Rosanna?
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